Frequently Asked Questions

-What is your email address?

-I've never done anything like this! Where do I begin? What class should I sign up for?

We know that learning a new skill set can be daunting and we will try to guide you as best we can.

The first thing to decide is what do you want to learn.  We offer programs in Blacksmithing, Knife Grinding, and Bladesmithing*.  The next question to ask yourself is what sort of time and financial commitment you would feel comfortable making.  We offer Introduction classes in all three subjects.  These are low cost and low time commitment and are a perfect place to start.

If at that point you want to learn more, we recommend our Foundational Skills programs*. These are longer format classes, and are designed to give you a good working knowledge of the basic principles and processes in your chosen subject. 

After that, you could go into our Intensives classes.  These classes are designed for people who have gone through the Foundational Skills series in their chosen subject and are looking for new ways to challenge themselves.

*please note that in order to be eligible to sign up for the Bladesmithing Foundational Skills program, you must have completed the Blacksmithing Foundational Skills through 400s and have completed the same level in the Knife Grinding Foundationals Skills. For example, a student enter Bladesmithing 100s must have already completed Blacksmithing 100s-400s and Knife Grinding 100s.

-Wow, this place is big and strange! Where should I meet you for class?

We meet at the Warhorse Coffee House which is at the same address, in the center of the property.   If you are at the Chattahochee Coffee Company, you are at the wrong place. Please refer to the map on the right of this page.

-What should I bring to class?

Please wear long sleeves, pants and boots. Bandannas can be useful. Clothing of the heavy cotton variety. If you are taking a grinder skills class, we recommend also bringing a hat and a respirator if you have one.

Bring water 

-Can I take pictures?

Please no video or audio recordings without permission.

-What if I can't make it to class?

We do not give refunds within 7 days of class.  We will refund in full, minus a 20% service charge prior to the 7 day window. 

If you will not be able to make it to your class, please email us at as soon as possible.

-I sent you an email/Facebook message/Instagram message forever ago. Why haven't you responded yet?

If we don't respond to your message in a fashion that seems timely to you, please take no offense. We get many emails everyday and though we do try to respond promptly, we may miss one from time to time. If you think that might be you, please try us again.

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