Knife Grinding 100s-400s: Foundational Skills

The Foundational Skills Series was developed to grow a student's basic understanding of the grinding process and aid them in producing clean, repeatable knives in a manner that is not too laborious. The series is broken up into four projects,  which build upon the skill sets learned in the previous classes. Throughout the series the teachers aim to constantly hone your skills and widen your vocabulary of knife grinding and finishing processes.  

We recommend that you take at least one Introduction to Knife Grinding class before registering for this series.

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100s: Trailing Point and Clip Point

 Over the four sessions, you will start with flat bar stock and learn how to do layout from a pattern, grind peripherals and bevels, heat treat, finish, handle, and sharpen.

The two knives that you will make are simple, classic patterns: Trailing point and Clip point. They are designed to develop your skills while keeping within attainable goals.


200s: Drop Point Skinner

Over the four sessions, building upon the skills previously learned in the Knife Grinding 100s, we will tackle a slightly more complicated knife: Drop point skinner. This knife has a double distal taper (tapered full-tang handle and blade), brass bolsters, thong tube, and sculpted handle. This will push the student to a higher level of fit and finish without over-stretching achievable goals.


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300s: Fighting Bowie

Over the four sessions, building upon the skills previously learned in the Knife Grinding 100s and 200s, the students will be tested by working on a far larger and more complicated knife: Fighting Bowie. The addition of brass fitted guard, pommel, and pinned handle will hone the fit and finish skills of the student even further. Also, due to the increase in size of the knife, the student’s grinding skills from the previous endeavours will be pushed to the next level.

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400s: 8" Chefs Knife

Over the four sessions, building upon the skills learned in the previous Knife Grinding classes, we will push the student’s skills still further by working on a Knife that is far thinner and needs to be more precisely ground and balanced: 8” Chefs knife. This knife with brass bolsters and gently sculpted handle, will challenge you in ways you have not yet experienced. The subtleties are everything within this knife, and will teach you the importance of good design, mechanics and technique.


What Next?

Upon completing this series of classes you will be well versed in the Foundational Skills of Knife Grinding. This will open you up for further Knife Grinding Intensive classes, or you can practice your skills by taking some of our Introduction to Knife Grinding classes. These will be in a drop-in format and scheduled throughout the year.

If you have also completed the Blacksmithing 100s-400s Foundational Skills program, you are henceforth eligible to enter into the Bladesmithing 100s-400s Foundational Skills program.