Introduction to Knife Grinding


These classes are designed to be repeatable and consistent, with the beginner knife maker in mind.  They are also great for folks who may need more practice and those who want to try out knife grinding without the commitment of our Foundational Skills series. All of these Introduction classes will introduce you to using a 2x72 belt grinder which is used in the stock removal process of knife making. We will go over grinding  peripherals and  bevels, and introduce you to heat treating. You may notice that there are three levels, these denote the level of difficulty for the class. We recommend doing at least one class in each previous level before moving forward (so take a Level I before a Level II, and a Level I and Level II before a Level III).


Level I: Drop Point


Level II: False Edge Clip


Level I: Throwing Knife


 Level III: Boot Dagger



Level II: Tanto


Level III: Karambit