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Double Calipers: Blacksmithing Intensive

July 27 10:30AM - 9PM with a 1 1/2 Hour lunch break

In this full day Intensive, we teach you how to make your own set of double calipers. This is one of the tools any good smith should have in their kit. It is invaluable for forging section changes by measuring both thickness and width and creating repetitive forgings.

This tool is simple but takes a fair bit of finesse so we recommend having taken Blacksmithing 100s (or 4 Introduction to Blacksmithing classes) before trying this one.

Please arrive for your class at least thirty minutes before the scheduled start time. Wear non-

flammable (high cotton content) long sleeved shirt and long pants and closed toe shoes. Bring plenty of water and be sure to eat a hearty meal before class. We will have a 1 ½ hour lunch break. Lunch is not provided. Please bring a lunch from home or plan to eat at one of the many local restaurants near the shop.