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Spike Tomahawk: Blacksmithing Intensive

May 18 & 19 - 10:30 AM - 8:00 PM (with 1 ½  hour break for lunch)

The Spike Tomahawk is not your common shed’s fast and it’s light. During this two-day intensive you’ll be working on a classic axe design that looks pretty wicked in your tool collection. You’ll be learning the following advanced skills: slitting and drifting the eye, forging out the blade and spike, proper heat-treating technique, handle shaping and hafting, and grinding and sharpening.

Prerequisites: Blacksmithing 100s or 4 Introduction to Blacksmithing classes and 2 Introduction to Knife Grinding class

Please arrive for your class at least thirty minutes before the scheduled start time. Wear non flammable (high cotton content) long sleeved shirt and long pants and closed toe shoes. If you have a respirator, please bring it with you. Also bring plenty of water and be sure to eat a hearty meal before class. We will have a 1 ½ hour lunch break each day. Lunch is not provided. Please bring a lunch from home or plan to eat at one of the many local restaurants near the shop.