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Hammer Therapy

We offer 10 anvils and 4 grinders in two hour blocks on a first come first serve sign-up basis. These self guided sessions are perfect for anyone who has never swung a hammer before and those working on projects from one of our various classes.

You must reserve an anvil in the time slot of your choice here to be guaranteed a spot.

Please be sure to wear cotton long sleeved shirt, cotton long sleeved pants, and closed toe leather shoes. Always be sure to eat a hearty meal before you come in and drink plenty of water during your forging sessions.

Goat n Hammer does not sell/supply steel, 2x72 grinder belts, wood, or any other material/consumable. We do have some scrap steel and used grinder belts available at no cost. If you want a particular steel, wood, fresh grinder belts, or any other material/consumable you must provide them for yourself.

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