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Lost Wax Object: Introduction to Lost Wax Casting

June 28 & 29 - 5:00 - 10:00 PM

Lost wax casting is a fascinating process where you pour molten metal into an investment plaster mold resulting in the duplicate of an object that you designed and carved in wax. We’ve taught this class to make small jewelry, figurines, knife fittings, and more. In this class, you’ll walk away with an object of your own design as well as experience with the following skills: hand-carving, mold investment, fettling, decorative finishing, and bronze patina.


Come to class the first day with multiple design ideas prepared that would easily fit into a 2”x4” tube. We will help you choose the one which is most appropriate for the class. The lost wax casting process occasionally results in mold failure which leaves you without a final product. If this should occur, we will provide you with another piece of wax and arrange a time for you to cast and finish your new piece.

Please arrive for your class at least thirty minutes before the scheduled start time. This class is primarily benchwork, so please dress comfortably but also shop-appropriate (closed-toed shoes, long sleeves, and pants). Also, eat a hearty meal before class, bring plenty of water and snacks.