Bladesmithing Curriculum

All classes begin with hammer control exercises. 


100 series


101 and 102- Forging two basic knifes to a specific pattern. (handle isolation, points, tip control, beveling)

103- Is the missing link in so many peoples knives. (Thermocycling, straightening and heat treating)

104- Choosing the best of your two knives, you'll take it to completion. From handle glue up, shaping and finally sharpening.



200 series


We go in depth of forging different handle patterns. Each handle is attached to a specific amount of material for the blade, which yes, we will forge in the 300 series.


201- Application of a fish tail to a knife handle. (cross peening, secondary distal)

202- Classic coffin handle (symmetry)

203- bushcraft palm swell (horn and cross peen work)

204- index finger loop (secondary distal, top tools)

300 series

The 300 series is where you complete the previously forged handles.


301- 4" Drop point (on the bushcraft handle)

302- 5" Trailing point (fishtail)

303- Large Classic Bowie (coffin)

304- Large Fighter  bowie (index finger)



400 series


Four evenings of finishing your two bowie knives or your best two knives

This is where you get to see your work shine.